250 ft. 14/2/2 Solid Romex SIMpull Cu NM-B W/G Wire

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14/2/2 NM-B “Romex” – Company has announced the introduction of a new four conductor non-metallic (NM-B) cable that will provide labor savings to contractors while meeting new code requirements. The Type NM-B 2/2/conductor cable, marketed by under the ROMEX brand name, is designed for running two circuits to bedrooms in areas that require the new Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI). The new ROMEX Extra Circuit NM-B, available in 14 and 12 gauge, contains four conductors-black, white, red, and white with red stripe- and a bare copper grounding conductor. 4 Conductor / 5 Wire – NM-B (Inside), NM-B (Inside), Cable Cabana, 14/2/2 NM-B “Romex”.