5707 Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress Memphis Belle

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The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress is an American long-range heavy-bomber aircraft that was created by the American airline company Boeing Aeroplane Company. This is was one of the most popular bombers serving the Allies during World War II. Several hundred such machines took part in many actions, creating powerful so-called carpet raids. It was heavily armed with a deck weapon, which was the inspiration to call it the Flying Fortress. The Flying Fortress is the largest block model aircraft that has issued so far. It has moving elements such as wheels, wing ailerons, onboard weapons and propellers. Under the deck there is an opening hatch from which the bombs included in the set fall out. The plane utilises pad-printing decorations so no stickers are used in this set. The prints reflect the painting of the aircraft from the war period. The cab has a specially prepared Mascot of Memphis print for the occasion. This is a very extensive model that will work equally well in any aviation or history enthusiast . Younger block fans can also play with it thanks to their durable and solid construction. The reproduction of details and the construction of blocks, which does not require glueing and painting are certainly the great advantages of this product. A special exclusive pilot figure with uniform is included with the aircraft. The cap has a printed emblem and a brown visor. The body has a uniform print with an emblem on the back. The characteristic pilot head is used for the first time with this set. The pilot is the complement to this exclusive edition of the B17 Flying Fortress Memphis Belle and is a great treat for collectors.